Ultimate Kenpo is About Developing the Ultimate You

Our system of Ultimate Kenpo is a dynamic blend of Karate, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu with historical origins dating back thousands of years. Z-Ultimate believes in taking the martial arts and using it as a vehicle to develop and bring out the best in you.

Your “Ultimate” mind, body and spirit is achieved through a collection of Classical, Practical and Tactical values, philosophies and blended applications, all carefully designed and defined for all age groups by Grandmaster Taylor and the Z-Ultimate Board of Masters.

Through our exclusive “Dynamic Master Method” of instruction and personalized “TNT” – Teach and Train – strategies and curriculum, you will be both enlightened and empowered while enjoying the most comprehensive, versatile and effective form of martial arts training available today.

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Code of Conduct

Remove street shoes before entering the dojo

Bow when entering and leaving the dojo

No food, gum or drink is allowed in the dojo

No jewelry should be worn during class or while practicing

Turn off or silence all cell phones and electronic devices

Full uniforms required for all classes and testing procedures. Please make sure they are clean and odorless

Black uniforms may be word starting at the rank of Purple Belt

Black and white uniforms may NOT be worn mixed by students. Instructors only

All uniforms and t-shirts must display the Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios logo

Always kneel when putting on or removing your belt

Please kneel when a Black Belt is putting on or removing their Black Belt

If a class is kneeling and meditating, please kneel and remain quiet out of respect until they are finished

Available practice time in the dojo is to be spent working on your material. Please do not watch or disturb another student’s lesson

Do not teach other students your material unless asked to do so by a qualified instructor. This will only create confusion

Do not use any of the kick shields, focus mitts or heavy bags while a private class is being instructed

Do not walk through a class in progress. Please walk around or behind it

Absolutely no sparring without the supervision of a Black Belt Instructor

Full safety equipment is required for all students while sparring (headgear, gloves, forearm and shin pads, foot protection and mouthpiece)

Groin protectors are required for all male students

Always bow to another student before and after you train with them

Always refer to your Instructor as “Sensei”, “Sir” or “Ma’am”

Never Suggest or Inquire About Your Next Rank Test

Free Introductory Classes
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Instructors Creed

With Sincere Pride and Appreciation of the Communities We Serve, We the Instructors of “Z” Commit to Being the Best and Most Extreme Example of Its Kind Through the Timeless Traditions, Philosophies, and Values of the Martial Arts in order to be a True Product of What We Represent.

We Further Commit, with Great Honor and Privilege, to Provide Our Respected and Valued Students the Ultimate in Personalized Martial Arts Instruction so They too may Realize the Powerful Rewards of


Mind – Body – Spirit


Classical – Practical – Tactical


Proud – Personable – Professional