Martial Arts For Teens

Providing a Safe Haven for Teenage Development

Our Teens Program will:

  • Develop Confidence through learning and demonstrating martial arts techniques, so that your teen feels a sense of achievement and competence
  • Stimulate your teen mentally through challenging drills, techniques and training scenarios, so your teen feels a sense of growth
  • Provide an outlet and a positive social network and support group of like-minded individuals focused on health and personal development, so your teen feels as if they are a part of something special
  • Strengthen your teen physically, mentally and emotionally, so your teen gets the necessary physical exercise every teen needs to continue to physically develop
  • Teach responsibility, so your teen knows what it is like to make responsible choices, but also be responsible and accountable to others
  • Instill discipline through a structured environment, so your teen can develop and mature into adulthood while learning and applying the martial arts
  • Support your teen with a safe, clean, structured and non-judgmental environment, so your teen feels safe to make mistakes, learn and grow