Women’s Self Defense


Self-Defense for Women

Empowering you with confidence and strength!

Did you know...
  • A woman is attacked every 3 seconds.
  • One burglary occurs every 12 seconds.
  • One assault occurs every 29 seconds.
  • One robbery occurs every 54 seconds.
  • One rape occurs every 5 minutes.
  • One murder occurs every 24 minutes.
  • Of all sexual assaults in which weapon information was available, a personal weapon (such as hands, feet or fists) was the only weapon involved in 77% of the cases, a firearm in 2% of the cases, non- personal weapons (such as a club or knife) in 6% of the cases and no weapon at all in 14% of the cases.
  • Some type of self protection was involved in 91.5% of attempted rapes

So what does this have to do with me? We at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios believe that EVERY woman should know that, they too, are at risk. Women who practice prevention and protection have a better chance of surviving a violent crime

Awareness can be a lifesaver. It is very important to pay attention at all times to whatever is going on around you. It takes practice and time to learn to be attentive without being paranoid. Some people think that they are being paranoid when they first begin practicing awareness. However, with time it will develop into a natural habit.

The ZUSDS Women's Self Defense Class is ideal for all women of all ages and skill or athletic levels. You will have fun and gain confidence, learning skills that will help get you out of potentially dangerous situations. Participants practice full-force self-defense on actual people. ZUSDS members put on full protective gear and let participants really hit them. Participants see what a real life situation is like and realize that they have the strength to fight back.

To learn more about the Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios Women's Self Defense Classes, contact your nearest dojo.

Schedule a class for yourself, sign up with a friend, or set up a session for all of the women in your office!