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Karate, Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu Instruction
for Men, Women and Children

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is proud to offer our Ultimate Kenpo Karate System in a variety of age-specific formats.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios has a program to fit your needs. Men, women, and children of all ages and professions participate in our Personalized and Group Training Programs. The Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios System is an ever-changing wealth of knowledge that is always interesting and fun to learn. At ZUSDS, you're not just another student. You will realize your full potential, because you are special to us.

A discipline, sport, art, and way of life; Martial Arts offers the adult student many unique benefits. You may be a professional, looking for that added mental edge in business, or someone who just wants to feel stronger and be more energetic. Studies have shown for years that adults who exercise have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength, better flexibility and less body fat than those adults who do not exercise. They can also cope with high levels of stress and have a more confident self-image.

Defend yourself against crime and violence

Invest in yourself and prepare for the time you may have to defend yourself! Training at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios will give you the confidence you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principles of self-defense, but you will also develop the mental awareness you need to recognize and avoid problematic situations.

Now is the time to use the power of Martial Arts training to achieve goals important to you.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire the men, women, and children of our communities to realize their personal best through the timeless traditions of the martial arts in an environment that is proudly built upon the more rewarding aspects of Life, Respect, Health & Happiness.

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Group & Employee
Self Defense Courses:


We offer corporate self-defense courses and women's self-defense courses for all companies and organizations. Contact Master Preston Ducati for more information on designing your private group, corporate or organization's specialty course. This can be held at your business or at one of our locations.