Welcome to the Mercer Island Dojo!

Every student receives thirty minutes of personalized instruction each week. Sessions are scheduled separately by each student.

In addition, students may attend as many group classes as available during the week.

Group Class Schedule

Children 4-7 years old Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm Saturday 9:30am
Children 7-12 years old Monday and Wednesday 5:00pm Saturday 10:15am
Advanced Juniors, 8-12 Blue Belts to Jr. Black Belt Monday and Wednesday 5:45pm Saturday 11:00am
Teenagers 12-16 years old Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm
Adult 17 years and older (open to all levels) Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm
Kids Sparring (by invitation only) Friday 6:00pm
Specialized Adult Group Instruction for Sparring (protective gear is required) Saturday 8:30am