Instructor University


Instructor University

Are you interested in a career in martial arts instruction? The Z-Ultimate University of Martial Arts Professionals has produced hundreds of outstanding instructors, including YOURS!


With a philosophy of leadership that teaches, “Be a product of what you represent”, every single staff and support member of the ZUSDS family are martial artists and train actively. By doing so, we never are “out of touch” with what is happening in our locations because we are students, too.

Each and every ZUSDS instructor is hand-picked and trained by the Board of Masters through the ZUUMAP – Z-Ultimate University of Martial Arts Professionals – where they undergo rigorous training, background checks, CPR and First Aid certifications, along with the latest methods and techniques in pedagogy, the science of teaching. Upon becoming an instructor with ZUSDS, they continue to train each and every week under the tutelage of the Board of Masters, improving as martial artists, instructors and location operators.

By operating and coaching all entities and location under one umbrella and staffing them with highly trained martial artists that are also experts in their fields of business, ZUSDS ensures “Z-Ultimate” martial arts experience and a world class level of quality and service for all ZUSDS family members.

If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a ZUSDS instructor, contact our Northwest Regional Director, Master Preston Ducati at, or call us at (425) 284-9529.